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We are proud to stand behind the quality of work we deliver.



We strive to develop new ideas and continuously improve the way we do business.



We stand by what we’ve promised to deliver. Through consistency and sincerity, we build trust with our clients.



We are lined with people with different expertise and vast field experiences that work together to meet your specific requirements.

In today’s modern society, the works
of pest control have to continuously evolve to
meet changing needs and expectations.

As many of our Clients face new and unique challenges like
pressure for safe supply chains, increased regulations and
changing audit standards, it is important to find a good pest
management company who can provide cost effective,
environment-friendly control methods and delivered consistent
services that can be relied upon so that Clients can focus on
their businesses.

Microland is set up and designed to meet this new need of our Clients.
With our unparalleled expertise in Nutritional, Pharmaceutical and
Food Manufacturing plants, Microland aims to provide comprehensive
preventive solutions through tailor-made pest management
programs and continuous monitoring of pests status through
systemized good documentations. Our Key Objective is to
contribute and play our part well in ensuring our Clients’
product safety and quality.

Microland can help to optimize every aspect of
your Pest Management Program.